This is How You Change the World

  At the first episode of the Mind Factory Show held on the last Sunday in January (the show is held on the last Sunday of every month) one of the participants - a member of the Mind Factory team - asked me an interesting question. She wanted to know how you can help an… Continue reading This is How You Change the World


It’s a New Beginning

Just the other day, I was going through my 2017 'New Year Resolutions', a set of goals which I made for that year. I checked the short term goals under each Long Term goal to determine how I fared in the overall, and I did my calculations at the end. Guess what I scored? 37.5%!… Continue reading It’s a New Beginning



“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” – Albert Einstein Let’s play the imagination game for a moment: Imagine that you became sick at age eighteen and lost your hearing as a result, became totally deaf. Naturally, you were weighed down. You lost interest in life and withdrew into a shell,… Continue reading Try