When Tomorrow Comes


Did you watch the seasons of that soap many years ago based on the Sidney Sheldon book called “If Tomorrow Comes?” While I did not watch the movies, I had a friend who did and told me about it. And I’m certain you can guess how the storyline goes from the title: the events of today coming to haunt the actors tomorrow.

Life has constantly taught us that it is really not about ‘if’ but ‘when’, for tomorrow will surely come and our actions today will catch up with us when tomorrow comes.

When your today becomes history, what will the world read about you? Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Obafemi Awolowo, the Wright brothers, Nelson Mandela, John D. Rockefeller, Ken Saro Wiwa… these men and a host of others acted their parts in the yesterday of the world and have today become history. But there are other actors in history: Adolf Hitler, Al Capone, Sani Abacha and many others in several countries. Some are being celebrated, others remembered with shame.

Fortunately, you are the writer of your own story; you have the grace to put on the paper of life whatever you desire to be remembered for. To your family, in your community, at your place of work/business, in social circles, your country and our world, how will you be remembered? By your friends and even your adversaries. In little ways and big ways.

One word: decide. Choose to make a difference from this moment in all things that you do; become impactful. Do all the good you can; change where and when necessary; reach out with confidence and live your life. You were created for a glorious part; live it!


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