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Called – Or Not?

In Romans 8:30 NIV, the bible says: “And those he predestined, he also called…” These words give the impression that all genuine Christians – saved, born again – have been called by God. However, today, the term ‘called’ is generally used to refer to such Christians who have been called into ministry – as pastors, evangelists, and the likes.

But in one of his sermons, the late preacher Myles Munroe explained that a Christian need not wait for God to tell him/her before starting to work for the Kingdom because Jesus already asked all to “Go!” (Mark 16:15). In this bible passage, Jesus instructed all who claim to be His to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all” and He promised to be with them, even to the uttermost ends of the earth.

Very early in my Christian journey, I developed the mentality that I needed to serve others in God’s kingdom and God soon placed responsibility in my hands. And also, if you open your heart to Him today and say God use me, He will give you a portion of His work to do. And you know, the rewards are excellent and surpassing all others, both in this world and in life eternal.

Understand that preaching to others at your place of regular work or business is not sufficient in serving in the Great Commission. True service has no salary or fixed charges, but only the promise of rewards from the Father. Jesus needs people, especially in today’s world, to provide for orphans, help the widows, visit the prisoners, feed the hungry, fight for the fatherless and oppressed, reach far-flung rural villages with the gospel, reach out early to children and youths, stand in the gap for people and societies, speak and live the truth in politics and business – be God’s light to a dying world, express Jesus’ love to struggling and hurting people and manifest the Holy Spirit’s power in the face of darkness and wickedness.

If you have been moved by any of the areas of needs above or any other where you believe you can or desire to make a difference, then you don’t need to wait for God’s audible voice; just remember the words of Dr. Myles Munroe and Go! Once you start, God will guide ¬†and help you accordingly.